Sunday, June 30, 2013

Classroom activities

Hello guys,welcome to my blog.This blog is the place to share our knowladge to improve our english,escpecialy in listening skills.In this post i will posting a new website that has connection with listening skill.This website show us that some activities that we can use to teach english in the classroom.So,we as a student may be our as teacher can use this to teach a student.There are some activities that we can use to teach listening in a classroom,such as gosip,following directions,story and story tellings.The high school student will clop with the story telling way.This website has  many articles that has connection with learn in the classroom.We can use this website as the example to teach listening in the classroom.Ok thats all my little explanation.You can see it with your own.
click this.


Name:Riezki Kurniawan Maulidias

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